We established our factory in 1988 with the aim of being responsible in our dealings with employees and our trading partners and for the well-being of the consumers of our products.Today we are proud of having managed to achieve employee satisfaction as our goal while maintaining high production quality and expanding the variety of our products.Sustainability and stability in our goals take a stronger and stronger form every day.


We entered the world market with half a century of experience in the production of various types of PVC

profiles and related parts. The KOMIB company opened its branch in Germany in 2019 with the aim of

expanding and developing its trading partners founded in Europe. In a very short time we have managed to prove the high production quality of our products and our responsibility towards our customers.

Taking into account the growth and need for the use of electrical equipment worldwide, we have decided to

produce a wide range of electrical installation products for the benefit and convenience of people.

Wir sind hier, um Ihnen zu helfen und würden uns freuen, mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu treten.